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From My Heart, Mind and Soul....

December 2010

Think about it...

Relationships are wonderful! Sometimes they are a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. Sometimes they are on cruise control. But, when you come to a crossroads and have to decide which way to go, or if you come to a stop sign and know that it's best to obey the sign in front of you, they can sometimes become.....scary.
Hmmm, how can a relationship that you once vowed that you would love each other forever come to a point where you are scared to even be in the same room as that individual?

Just when I thought it was over....

Life can be really crazy at times. Just when I think I've come to the end of something, I'm hit with a curve ball. And then I end up scratching my head. It sure isn't fair.....but, I'm thankful for the ride.
Last night I had a conversation with a girlfriend who was encouraging me. She stated, "Girl, you really don't know how good you are." She was speaking of this last play that I directed. And, perhaps she's right. I mean, to me, I'm just doing what needs to be done to accomplish a certain outcome, but to her (and apparently others that have been talking recently), it's the way and the style that I do it.

Not really my first time....

Well, I'm trying this again. Hopefully I'll be better at blogging this time than I've been in the past....
Hello! Welcome to my world! This is the first post (hopefully) of many more to come. LOL! So, just sit back, relax and enjoy a peek into my heart, my mind and my soul!