Dorothy Mays Clark - What People Are Saying
Dorothy Mays Clark - Actor/ Singer/ Director/ Playwright
What People Are Saying....
"I SEE in you GREATNESS!!!  Not because you are “Director Extraordinaire” but because of your personality and character.  A personality of confidence and strength that you really know who you are and you know how to use that to your advantage to influence others.  That is a true sign of security!  You have a way of building confidence and making people feel like they can do it and to inspire and bring out the best in them!!!  And that speaks more to your actions as a Christian, that is confidence that you are royalty in the Kingdom. 
And not to mention, to be able to make something BIG out of just words!  God is truly creating a mighty work in you.  Keep on going!  You are demonstrating your worthiness and your true calling.  It is just natural for you.
Can’t wait to see what will be happening next!"
- D. Fairley 
“I loved your performance!”
- Almann (Alfred) of Archie Bell & The Drells
"You owned the stage and sent chills through my body. If no one was listening, when you opened your mouth all attention was on you!"
- Sassy Michelle
 "You blew me away. I have so many chill bumps!! You told a beautiful story!"
- Tish Brandt
"You Go Girl!"
- Neal Sharpe