From My Heart, Mind and Soul....
Dorothy Mays Clark - Actor/ Singer/ Director/ Playwright
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Keep Pushing Forward!
Work In Progress
2017- Time to Recharge, Restore & Renew
We'll Understand Later

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Don't Follow Trends, Set Them
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That One Person....
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From My Heart, Mind and Soul....

Keep Pushing Forward!

It’s amazing that February is the shortest month of the year, yet it’s packed with important events to educate us about our history, our health and our hearts! And, speaking of hearts, Yes, it’s time for  Valentine’s Day. On this one day, many people show their love              towards one another in the form of candy, flowers, cards, elaborate trips, etc. Some persons celebrate by proposing to their loved one. Others celebrate their wedding               anniversary.

Work In Progress

You'll never guess what happened to me the other day. I was minding my business answering the phone at work when someone called from Shoreline Church inviting our church to participate in theirCelebrate RecoverySeminar that they're having in February. Okay, maybe that's not a wowser moment for you. But, for me, it was further confirmation of how God is working all of this out for this book to come to life.

Okay, let me explain. While I was dealing with my then husband's sexual addiction, we attended the Sex Addict Anonymous support groups in the area, but I needed something more connected, more spiritual.

2017- Time to Recharge, Restore & Renew

A few years ago, a few of my Facebook friends joined me on a journey called 40 to 40. I had been inspired by an article that I read describing things you should do/places you should visit, etc. before turning a certain age. Well, in the days leading up to my 40th birthday, I invited whosoever was interested to join me on what I labeled "40 to 40". During that time we would try new things, take an introspective look at our lives and create new memories! Now, I'm at it again. Only this time, I'm inviting each of you to join me for an entire year.

We'll Understand Later

I say, again, can you believe that the year is almost over? We’ve entered into the last month of a very eventful and memorable year. Many of us can look back over this year and reflect on the people we’ve lost, the opening of our eyes to the plight of this country and world through a very interesting election season and the realization that there is much work to be done in the Kingdom to win lost souls before the return of our Lord. But, the difference between us, as believers, and those who don’t believe is that God is our strength, our peace and our hope!


As an actor, we often find ourselves searching for advice and tips to make it in this industry. Trust me, I understand.

Please feel free to download these tips and apply them to your lie and daily routine as appropriate!

God bless!!!

Keep Moving!

Water has a calming effect. It's so peaceful. It's so calming. But more than anything I love how it reminds me about life. When I see the ripples steadily moving across the body of water, it reminds me to just keep moving. It doesn't matter the speed. Actually it doesn't even matter the destination because sometimes that may change. But, what is important is to keep moving. Keep moving! Keep pushing! Keep striving! Keep trying! And with each effort you make, you will be closer to your destination!

Back in The Saddle....Again!

It's amazing how much time can pass without you realizing it. When you put a task to the side and say that you will come back to it later, sometimes days, weeks and even months can pass before you come back to it and you wonder how that happened.
Well, procrastination is probably one of my biggest faults. I'm so guilty of saying "I'll get back to that later" and before I know it so much time has passed that getting started on it again becomes such a huge task that I wished I never stopped in the first place.

Does anyone marry for love any more?

Talking to a friend of mine I became discouraged. I know the older we get it's harder to find love and relationships, but, I never believed that love was off the table completely. He believes that no one marries for love any more. He said people are looking for financial security, freedom and no drama.
While I can agree that a no stress relationship sounds wonderful and the idea of stability is absolutely ideal, I still am holding out for LOVE! Call me silly. Call me crazy. Call me insane. But, I still believe that love is out there and can be mine.

Don't Follow Trends, Set Them

I remember when I first fell in love with the versatility of changing my hair. My Senior Year in college, the Senior Class was travelling to Nassau, Bahamas and I knew that I didn't want to go on such a fun trip and have to be so concerned about my hair. One of my friends suggested the idea of braids. I had never worn braids before and had never considered the idea of wearing hair that wasn't my own. But, she did the braids for me and instantly I was hooked.

From there began years of trying out different hairstyles through wigs and pieces.

Life's Little Oops

We got our 1st tardy this morning, and I cried. Not about the tardy. I know that won't matter in the long run. But, to me, it was like a glaring symbol of "The Bad Mommy". I could be mad at my child for taking her sweet time this morning making us have to drive instead of walk. I could be mad at the other parents in the parking lot who seemed to be taking their sweet time parking and backing out which made the line extremely long this morning. But, I'm mad at myself. Why? Because that's what I do.

An Aha Moment...

Have you ever had an Aha moment? A moment where it seems like the cartoonists had gotten it right by drawing a light bulb  over a character's head as they had just been enlightened. I know that I have had several of those moments throughout my lifetime. However, there was one that just stood out to me recently.

I had to make a late night run to the store to get some items for the next day. As I went inside the store and began the search for the items, my mind kept racing back to a gentleman that I had begun to get to know.

That One Person....

He told me that after looking at a picture of mine on Facebook that he had to scroll past it quickly. On the picture was someone that he used to date. I teased him about missing her and he stated that he was past her, but he did like her hair the way it was. I laughed and stated, "I guess you really didn't scrollquicklypast the pictures." He told me to shut up, but then he confessed, "We all have that one person".

After getting off the phone with him, I pondered his statement.

Learning to Trust God

This morning, as I received assurance and a reminder from a friend that everything would work out, I was reminded about trusting and believing in God. So often we pray and ask God to guide us and lead us. Then satan gets busy and does what he does and we begin to question and wonder if things will truly be okay. But, I'm thankful for that friend. For, in just those few words, I remembered that God has it all in control. 

28And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Easier Said Than Done

Easier Said Than Done...

Facebook was blowing up recently after the airing of the movie,"CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story". I saw many posts about the great acting and the actual story itself. But, one thing that stayed on my mind was how the narrator (which I believe was supposed to be the voice of T-Boz) stated "We were writing songs about being independent women but the reality was something different." Wow! Isn't that something? I think the reason that it stayed with me so is because sometimes things are "easier said than done".

What Can I Tell Her?

My daughter is only 4, but she is already being affected by boys. Well, let's say it bothers her when they're mean to her at school.  

But, I wondered, "What can I tell her?" I mean, I'm definitely not an expert. I grew up with 3 brothers, but that didn't give me inside knowledge. And I definitely didn't gain inside knowledge by going through a divorce.

So, what can a single mother tell her 4 year old daughter about the other sex who she may never understand? My reply, "Boys are silly!" Her reply, "Yeah!"