From My Heart, Mind and Soul....
Dorothy Mays Clark - Actor/ Singer/ Director/ Playwright
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From My Heart, Mind and Soul....

January 2011

The Creative Mind

I'm thankful for the gift that God has given me. However, when it's times like this, 2 am and I can't go to sleep, I am sooooo confused. I would love to be at peace. But, my mind will not shut off. Does anyone else ever have that issue?

I'm Drained.....

I'm done. I throw my hands up. I can't do it anymore. Negative people are draining. Evil people are draining. I was having a pretty good day today. Then I had an encounter with a negative person and they literally "zapped" the energy out of me. By 8 pm, I was ready to go to sleep and hope to have a better day tomorrow without facing any negativity.
In order to do this, I'm declaring, as Mary J. Blige sang, "No More Drama". Anyone who approaches me with any negativity, any evil thoughts or spirits will promptly be guided elsewhere.

Can you stay in your lane?

You know, one of the funny things about driving on the highway is that everything flows smoothly when you stay in your own lane. Interesting thing is that this same principle applies to LIFE, also.
I won't go into details about the incident, but geesh, you are not my supervisor so why do you think it's necessary for you to give me your opinions about how you feel that I should be doing something? And, then, if I hear what you say, give you my thoughts about it, I feel as though that's it. But, no, you go to extra lengths to make your point known by approaching other co-workers with your thoughts.


Happy New Year!!! I pray all is well with you and yours!
Well, I just recently completed a 7 day detox. Hmmm, I can't really say that it made any major changes. At least not any that I could see. But, it did get me to thinking. The whole purpose of detox is to cleanse your system of  those toxins that build up and aren't doing you any good by being in your system. So, of course, that led me to the thought that I need to do a life detox as well.
The word toxin is defined as a poison produced by an animal, plant or bacterium.